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"I would like everyone to know that Kitty is not just a psychic... she's a true friend. Kitty has read for me for many years now. I am so grateful that I found her and hope to never be without her in my life! The last year for me was very rough and she was there as a friend, and she gives great advice. What Kitty predicts always comes to pass. She's very, very gifted and she puts my mind at ease. Kitty has a way of getting in and telling you exactly who you are, and she's very precise. You cannot hide anything from her so don't think you can't fool her! If you are looking for the truth, and you want to receive the best guidance out there then there is a pretty simple solution...CALL KITTY! You will not regret it. You may not like what you hear, but she's not going lie to you or sugar coat things, and why would you want that anyway!? She can help if you let her, and keep an open mind. You won't be sorry!"
Denise S. (Indianapolis, IN)

"I have been a client of Kitty's for over eight years and she is incredibly gifted and accurate. Kitty reads her clients with compassion and love, good or bad she "walks" you through whatever she sees. Kitty is very honest and straight forward and I feel that she loves every client she has. You will not regret recieving a reading from her ... she has a heart of gold!"
Heather E. (Houston, TX)

"Kitty speaks straight from the heart. She has a unique, original quality I found refreshing. Her advice gave me something to look forward to in a lonely time. I took her advice and was pleased. Everything she said came to pass -- good and bad."
Jeannie D., Massage Therapist (Redwood City, CA)

"I've always loved Kitty. She's GREAT!"
Angie, Bartender (Belmont, CA)

"Kitty read in my shop for three years before moving out of state. Her customers always left well satisfied."
Lita, Owner of Crystal Angel (Belmont, BA)

"Kitty is honest, thorough and very personal. It meant a lot to me that she could get deep into my personality and read how I felt about things. She read me well, and accurately! I'm very interested to see what happens next."
Sheri T., Radio Advertising Executive (Phoenix, AZ)

"Kitty has read me many times. Everything she ever told me has come true. I only wish I had taken her advice to heart!"
Jeanine, Housewife (Atlanta, GA)

"Kitty is very in touch with the spiritual world. She is kind and benevolent, especially when discussing challenges to come. I am impressed with her ability to read personalities and touch base spiritually. Her psychic powers are amazing. I recommend her to anyone seeking an honest, insightful spiritual experience."
Tony L., Spiritual Advisor (San Carlos, CA)

"Kitty is a very warm, caring and sincere person. She gives very good insight into any decisions or problems one may have. I feel she can really tune into a situation."
Tara P. (Phoenix, AZ)

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