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When I was very young, about age four, I was drawn to churches. I went to every church you could imagine. Even if I had to walk two miles to go there, I would. Every time I moved or relocated I would go to a church wherever we would live. I have been to all churches - everyone that is known. My way of believing is that I am not judgmental. All people have different beliefs and that's ok. Some things I might disagree with in certain churches, but I do believe all faiths are good and I do not condemn anyone for the way they believe. The thing I loved the most when I was young is it didn't matter what church or religion I went to, I always felt the presence of God. I have been baptized a few times - in a Baptist church and in a Holy Roller church. If I could, I would probably be baptized in all churches! As long as people love and worship God that means everything to me.


This subject is about what happened to the old fashioned churches? I find myself frustrated in churches today because I do not feel the warmth and love. All they seem to want is money. It seems they have forgotten what the true meaning of church is all about. They go to foreign countries and build something there, but what are they teaching the people or really doing there? I would like to be able to walk into a church and feel the love. When somebody is hurting at that church, why are the people who need their help not being helped? What happened to getting into people's souls and showing that they care about them? Why is the money going to foreign countries? In the old fashioned way of thinking, the church that you walked into had a message for the day. Nowadays, however, the feeling of being at peace is few and far between. I feel that when you walk in now, you are treated like cattle. The church needs money to go to foreign countries and build. Why aren’t our churches going to foreign countries to save souls? Does a well or a statue or a monument teach them about God? No. Does preaching and opening the Bible to these people save souls? Yes. People often feel half and half emotionally. Part of them is good and part of them is bad. The U.S. used to be totally prosperous and blessed financially. But not anymore. Most of our products come from China or other countries and the U.S. is becoming more evil. This is because people and our churches today are too often working with greed!

I feel that if you go to a church and you sit there and all you hear about is money and you are not feeling compassion or love, then you need to pick yourself up and move yourself out of that church. That is a greedy church - not one that really cares about you. I also feel that a church that puts you down and passes judgment on you and makes you feel like there is something wrong with you is not right either. A church is supposed to be loving, caring, and non-judgmental. What gives anyone the right to judge people who are making the effort to come there? No man that walks this earth is better than the Lord. You are human and entitled to make mistakes and do things wrong. It is heartbreaking when I talk to people who have attended churches where they feel that they are going to go hell anyway - they feel that no matter what they do it will never be good enough.

For example, there are some churches that say if you have a divorce, you are a sinner and you just don't have a chance. Our God is loving and forgiving. He knows you are going to make mistakes. Dealing with divorce, there is a reason for everything in your life. Sometimes God put you with a person either to learn from them and/or to better yourself from them. It is sad to say that some people outgrow one another or eventually end up not walking in the same step anymore. You're not going to hell for this! That is just a natural part of life, of being human. God would rather have you be happy and be at peace than live a miserable life. God doesn't want misery for your life. But the devil does. What God gets upset about is when you are with a partner and you cheat. He would rather you go get a divorce than to cheat and remain unhappy with your partner.

Many people I have spoken with often feel stuck when it comes to God’s rules and what he really expects out of his children. God had to give rules because a long time ago there was a lot of sin and people didn't know better. They worshipped idols and had orgies. But God had to come down hard and preach brimstone to his children to put things in order. But now, God is older, wiser, and very much loving and forgiving.

A really good church is one where when you walk in there is no judgment, they do not try to hound you for money constantly, and they give a good sermon on everyday life in order to uplift you. Not to make you feel like you're walking in sin every day. You should feel the warmth from people in the church. When people are loving and caring they are more spiritual. But if you go into a church where you feel like you're just a number on a block then that is not a good church. I will say that people need to open up their eyes and realize: are you really going to a church that is walking with God or is halfway with the devil? Even the bible says money is the root of all evil. I am not trying to put religion down at all. I just know from experience that there are churches out there that are doing the right way of teaching. But there are some churches out there doing the wrong way of teaching. It is all about money or making you feel like you are sinner by putting you down. They make people miserable because people can't feel like they can walk that totally religious way of thinking and are doomed. Church is for you to learn the Bible and to feel good about yourself, to feel empowered. Even though you make mistakes, all mistakes are forgiven when you ask for forgiveness and try hard not to repeat those mistakes. That also means that even if you are forgiven that does not give you the right to judge others. The only person that is going to judge whether or not you go to heaven or hell is God.

PERSONAL EXPERIENCE WITH CHURCH: I have attended many churches. One in particular was called The Harvest Time and they were what I would call Holy Rollers. When I wentthere I felt totally loved. People embraced me, asked me how I was doing, they played great music, they didn’t care if I had money or not. The whole place was filled with love and spirituality. The only exception was that I do not believe in speaking in tongues. I do not really believe in that practice because God has always spoken directly to me since I was a child. I was always open to hearing His messages and understanding what He was telling me. If people need to speak in tongues then that’s great if it works for them.

I have experienced many churches where I did not feel the love of God from them. These churches were based on greed. I really loved The Harvest Time church because the love and the heart were there. I felt God there like I feel when I am at home.


I often get calls from people who yearn for God and Jesus and the Holy Ghost. But these people feel they are not good or worthy enough. When these people come to me, I pick them up and tell them God loves them. I make them feel empowered! It makes me question, where is this person hearing these messages? None of us should judge or tear a person down more! In order for them to be better, we are to look for what is good in them and encourage that – not knock them down! I pick these people up and tell them no, they are not going to hell. I wind up preaching to a lot of these people to give them a new understanding about God.

People have added so much to the Bible, how much of it really is true? To me, a lot of people are really judgmental and have lost the heart. Religion and God is seeing the beauty in everything. Not picking on a person and looking for their mistakes or putting them down. We have to look at what is good in everyone. Let God do the judging and the rest of the work with that person.


Many churches say that if you are psychic then you are evil. What is amazing is that in the last couple of years now, prophesy has been considered to be a part of God. People in the church often down faulted me because I was gifted with clairvoyance. What is the difference between prophesying and being psychic? It’s all the same!


In conclusion, it saddens my heart and makes me wonder where all the old fashioned churches went. They knew people were sinners but they picked them up and did not put them down. In time people began to get the messages they were meant to hear because they were surrounded by forgiveness and positivity and love. When you knock someone down and they’ve walked into your church, all that person is going to feel is bad and depressed and miserable about themselves because you’ve condemned them to damnation! That is not what church is about! Church is about trying to see the good in everyone – no exceptions. It does not mean you should point the finger at others. How can you hear the messages from God when you are too busy knocking everybody down? When people ask me what is my religion, I tell people I belong to all religions! I embrace all because all religions love God. It does not matter how a person wants to worship my Father.

Copyright Kitty Parker 2014