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A spiritual counselor is a person who has a gift from God that can feel who you are at your core and target the reasons behind why you feel the way you do. A spiritual counselor works with you to find solutions to your problems and helps you to live a happier and more fulfilling life. Such a counselor is not a clinical therapist and is not licensed to practice psychotherapy. A spiritual counselor does not reference textbooks or try to label you into a certain category to treat mental illness the way a clinical therapist is trained to do.

The problem that many of my clients have expressed to me about seeing a therapist is that the therapist is the one asking the client how they think and feel. The problem is, many times the client simply does NOT know. That is why they are going to a therapist in the first place - to try to FIND the answers. If the client already knew how they were feeling and what to do about it then they would not need the help of a therapist. Many of my clients have spent years in therapy with little progress because they feel they do not have the guidance of someone who truly understands their emotions and their inner personal history. With the gift of intuition and compassion, the spiritual counselor dissolves that mist of confusion and pain and brings forth the light and truth to the client.

Because I am a psychic I can see who each individual person is and what their troubles and problems are. I can target myself in helping my clients truly see themselves: I have been able to pull a lot of people through their problems, feelings, and emotions to see who they are, what they are, and what is wrong with them. I help people to get down to the basics of what is going on in their lives.

Dealing with counseling people in a spiritual way, many of my clients have made total progress in just months instead of years. They start feeling good about themselves and realize they are alright. I have found over the years that people who have a conscience are their own worst critics and are so very hard on themselves. They usually are depressed because they expect so much of out of themselves and they need someone to help them see different angles and target those trouble spots and help them through it. I am not going to sugar coat something and say something is ok when it's not - but we will work through your problems, no matter what they are.


There is a difference between a psychic reading and a spiritual counseling session. During a spiritual counseling session I tap in directly into my client's emotions and give guidance on how to fix their problems. However, during a psychic session I am seeing the future and explaining what I see ahead. There is a distinction between these two abilities that I have.

A spiritual counseling session is not about foreseeing the future - I am working on the here and now and helping the client to see what is going on with them internally and how to make positive changes. This is all done in a non-judgmental way. Nothing is ever recorded as all counseling sessions are strictly confidential and you never have to feel ashamed of what you are feeling and sharing.


Ultimately, it takes the faith and strength of the client to be willing to take this information and put it to good use. I cannot do it for you. If you are truly open, you can listen to my advice and I will help you to see how you can fix your problems. Then it takes you to take those steps to make positive changes in your own life. This can be challenging work because sometimes it is hard for a person to face the truth about themselves and what they might need to do to improve. But you must be dedicated within yourself and be ready to face whatever may come your way - to listen, pay attention, and try to fix what is going on within yourself. Being angry or being in denial is not going to work.

Also realize that as a spiritual counselor, I am not judging you or trying to hurt you or criticize you for your problems.You will never be judged as though you are a bad person. But I am going to help you to build the strength to move on from your past and to be the best person you can be. I look at each of my clients as a flower bud and when I am finished working with them they have transformed into a beautiful rose. I am able to see the potential within my clients when they cannot even see it themselves. I am able to bring it out in them so that they can also walk in the truth and the light of who they really are: a beloved, wonderful, unique individual that God created as a gift to this world.

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