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When people go through bad experiences they often ask why it is happening to them. However, there is a reason for everything. We must go through these emotions to make ourselves strong. Without trying times there can be no growth. When you go through a loss or lose something dear to you in life, something good will come back to you if you stay positive and try to be strong. One of the reasons people go through losses in life is to see if they are going to become dark, nasty, and evil like a spoiled child that did not get their way or if they are going to keep their heart open and keep loving and keep having faith. A person could say to him or herself: "This isn't meant to be at this time and I am going to set whatever is out there free. Then someday what IS meant for me will come to me." It is much better to live with this philosophy rather than to have a fight to keep something going that isn't meant to be anyway. Things will flow naturally if it is meant to be.

Is it a fact that you just want something so badly that you can't have or can you learn to open up your heart and set it free because it's too difficult to keep? In time, something new will come and it will probably be even bigger and better than before. If you keep holding on though, and are selfish about it, then you are trying to latch onto something that isn't good for you. Being selfish is wanting something you don't have and being covetous over it. Real love is not covetous.

Let's take the example of a person who wants to force someone else to be in a relationship with them. Even if the relationship does happen, the true characters of each individual will eventually emerge and the relationship doesn't last.

Some people get really upset when a person dies. People need to realize we all live and die. The biggest thing in life is to love and be loved. Even dealing with death, you cannot be a selfish person. You need to look at every aspect of what that person has taught you or given you and how they have made a difference in your life. How do you know God is not calling this person now to come home? Be happy because all lessons that person needed to learn are done, over, and passed. You need to learn to be loving and let God have this person.

If you let your heart be selfish you are going to be miserable, but if you let go you are going to be at peace and feel serenity. Let a psychic tell you what the new things are that are coming into your life. Let the spirit go and be with the Lord.

Be at peace with this.

Copyright Kitty Parker 2014