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1. A good psychic charges for services but does not overdue it! A psychic must make a living and charging clients is not an bad thing. It is a fact that we all have to live in society, paying our bills, and supporting our family. If a psychic didn’t charge for time, people would take advantage and want more and more, calling every day. But if a psychic charges a certain amount per hour that‘s what it should be. A psychic shouldn’t charge you any more money than has stated. Now on the client’s end, it is important to be respectful of a psychic by paying the amount that is agreed upon. As spiritual as a psychic may be, he or she still cannot work entirely for free. You’re not showing someone respect by taking advantage of them. It’s like asking someone to paint your house and asking them if they’ll do it for free.

2. If you have a problem, a good psychic will not leave you hanging. A psychic should help you during a hard time. A lot of times, there is no charge for that.

3. A good psychic will pray for you out of his or her own heart and not charge you for that.

4. If a psychic is usually right, he or she is pretty good. If a psychic is off on a reading once in a great while, or if everything else that was seen came to pass, you have a good psychic and need to hold on to him or her. If a psychic is right on the majority of everything predicted, you shouldn’t be upset if he or she is slightly off on one aspect. Things do change depending upon the free will of others.

5. A good psychic will always try to look at the positive in matters instead of being negative. He or she will be optimistic and help to lift you up.

6. Dealing with lost and found issues, just because a psychic might not be completely accurate on that, it doesn’t mean he or she is a bad psychic. It can be very difficult for a psychic to precisely pinpoint a location. He or she might feel the general surroundings but not know where hr or she is sensing exactly. So if you have a psychic who is generally very accurate then stick with him or her and cut some slack on those rare ocassions where he or she might not be 100% correct.



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