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I have always been interested in natural healing and how it can change people's lives. In 1991 I had a herb shop all dealing with raw herbs - at least 250 herbs. People would come from all over and I would make them teas dealing with allergies, colds, sickness, etc. Natural healing really helped these people and their recoveries were amazing. The herbs never gave them side effects and they didn't have headaches or feel sluggish the next day, which is what many drugs at the drug store do to people.

When my son Josh was a baby he was always sick and congested. The doctors gave him antibiotics which did help for a while, but it seemed that every month I just kept having to take him to the doctor. I looked up my herb book and read that chamomile tea helps with his symptoms. Then the congestion stopped after drinking that tea for a while.

That year, my son Josh got really sick. We found out he was only scaling 7% blood in his body which should have been at 15%. Going back and forth from the hospital, doctors could not seem to bring his blood level up. One night I decided to go clairvoyant to figure out what was going on with Josh. I soon realized Josh had internal parasites and that he was also anemic. I put him on a high energy vitamin and a very high iron supplement. I also put him on a natural medicine program and he is doing very well today. The iron will have to continue going on in his system because he is anemic.

I also got very sick that year with the "super bug." The drugs I took to manage my symptoms made me very tired and irritable and cranky. I would just cough and throw up mucus and felt so sick. The only energy I had was to get up, cook dinner and do my nightly appointments. After four months of this constant fight of being sick, one day I woke up and saw how my eyes were blackened underneath when I looked at them in the bathroom. I realized if I did not do something soon, I would die because I didn't have any more energy. I bought silver from the natural store as well as other herbal pills. It was totally amazing. In three days I started feeling better. This goes back to my belief as a small child that everything is put here intentionally to help us. Get those herbal books out and find out what is best for you!

I believe that God puts everything on this earth for us to get well naturally. The problem with medicine is there are so many side effects. Really I believe that God's way is good... we can benefit from all natural healing.

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