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"I think Kitty is one of the best psychics I have received readings from. I've had a couple of readings by her and she has always told the truth to my situation regardless if it is bad or good. I only trust her for readings as she answers all my questions with honesty. I will definitely keep coming back to her for my future readings. Because of her honesty I have all the answers I need to know to move on from my situation. Thanks, Kitty!"
Aman K.

"I came upon Kitty Parker’s Psychic website with a great deal of skepticism since I had a previous psychic reading from a self-proclaimed expert with flawless testimonials. In the end, that entire reading proved of little value – a coin toss would have been more accurate and much cheaper. Miss Kitty is all that her website presents and so much more. I could not have felt more at ease, although many difficult subjects were discussed, with Miss Kitty there is help me through to the other side. Miss Kitty needed very little information, usually just a first name, and the story would unfold; for better or worse; Miss Kitty will present the information she has with an astounding accuracy – It was both amazing and revealing. Questions and clarification are part of the process, so nothing is being forced at you, and there are no leading questions that Miss Kitty could use to derive any answers. Miss Kitty has a tremendous talent and gift; I will refrain from using the term, ‘power’ – Miss Kitty cannot change what is to be, however, know fully well this process is not some kind of hoax, or false prophecy. I can state with a clear conscience that anyone considering a reading with Miss Kitty will have an in-depth understanding of events which may be of uncertainly in your present life. Final note – Miss Kitty was not occupied with watching the clock, either. Miss Kitty’s sole focus was to complete the reading, whatever time this required (in the end, it was not about the money). Thank you again Miss Kitty - very happy to be part of the family."
Paul A. (Worcester, MA)

"I can not find enough words to express how gifted Kitty is. Kitty has changed my life so tremendously in the months that I have worked with her. She has given me my life back. Kitty is straight to the point with no sugar coated answers. I have talked to many people over the past year and finally God lead me to the right person. Everything Kitty has told me has come to pass in a matter of a few days. She educated me on what was happening in my life and the future outcome - so direct, honest and sincere and most important correct! This has been an unbelievable experience for me. I thank the Lord every day that he has brought Kitty in my life. I would suggest to anyone who need's guidance and spiritual counseling, please don't look any further."
Darlene C. (CT)

"What a blessing and pleasure it was to get my reading from Kitty. The people she picked up on in my life and read about, she was right on!! Her description of me, my past, my present also to the point and right on! I have yet to see my future unfold (new man in my life) although when it does happen, Kitty will be the first one that hears about it! I keep reliving that moment when as she was reading, she commented on a difficulty I was bearing.  Kitty's kind reassuring words filled my heart, and I literally felt the warmth and kisses from my dear grandmother may she rest in peace, just surround me. It was quite a beautiful feeling to say the least.  After the reading, I felt so much more clear on my thoughts, my decisions up until now and the future that awaits me! I feel it was a blessing to come across Kitty Parker. Best and many blessings."
Linda L.(Milpitas, CA)

"Kitty knows me better than I know myself. During a very dark time in my life, she knew exactly what I needed to do to turn things around. I will be forever grateful!"
Renee B., Coordinator (Ackworth, GA)

"I can never repay Ms. Kitty for all the help she has given me. I was a victim of physic fraud for 3 years and didn't know where to go for help. I had nothing and was hopeless. Ms. Kitty helped me overcome my fear and rid myself of all the negativity in my life. Ms. Kitty is always there for me when I need someone to talk to or when I need a reading for some guidance. Her readings are alwaysaccurate and right on!!! Her advice is honest and sincere. I trust her with my life because I know she wants the best for me. She tells it like it is!! Like it or not! I would be lost without her today!! love her!!"
Julia D.

"I have been reading with Kitty over the past year. She has been amazing in predicting my future such as career change. Make sure you take notes of what Kitty says during your reading with her as everything will play out in the end even though at the moment you might feel what she says is non-sense. Thank you so much for your guidance with me, Ms. Kitty!"
Kevin C. (Rego Park, NY)

"I can't say enough about Kitty Parker. Several years ago I was going through an awakening and relationship issues and had been searching for help. After two hospitalizations (which resulted in a diagnosis of severe depresion and anxiety, but doctors saying 'we just don't really know what's wrong with you') and being put on medication that didn't really help anything, I found Kitty. She immediately picked up on the fact that I am blessed with the same gifts that she is, and thus began a friendship that I know will last forever. She is not just a psychic... she is a true friend. She cares about 'her people' and is honest to the core. Her clairvoyant readings are always correct... even if something doesn't seem plausable just wait! And her spiritual counseling has brought me back from the brink of insanity. Kitty is truly a blessing on this earth."
Carole F., Designer & Manager (OH)


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