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Wiccans are known for worshiping gods and goddesses and some of them do have a good intention. They try to they use their gifts for healing and surrendering and bringing in energy to heal the earth and try to keep away negativity. However, what they are doing by praying to these "deities" is perceiving only a piece of God. God is NOT a jealous God but He does not want some figurine to take his credit.

My spiritual belief system does not include believing in the gods and goddesses. When you use Wicca, that kind of craft is actually quite weak. And in order for it to work at all, once you cast your spell you must believe in it and leave it to the universe. Also it is not that strong because they do it repeatedly over and over. They do not let go and let God.

Many times people think their Wiccan spell or ritual worked. I do not believe the spells work. It's really the universe allowing what it wants to happen.

Also, many of people are not using the craft in the right way. They might create a spell for selfish reasons or try to bring bad karma on a person that they might perceive to be evil. For example, if a person believes they have been wronged by another, they will try to bring evil upon them. You must never wish anything bad for another person. However, let's say your family is threatened by someone or really at risk. Then you can send out a powerful prayer to the universe to be protected and ask the universe to send its judgement upon the person who has wronged you. YOU ONLY DO THIS WHEN YOU'RE TRYING TO PROTECT YOURSELF OR YOUR FAMILY FROM HARM.

The Bible says "Thou shall not judge." Although the Bible does speak about an eye for an eye - you must fight back against evil by not filling your mind with judgements and evil thoughts and wishing harm or casting spells that will bring doom upon others. You must have faith in God and allow the universe to put things back in balance.

The white craft, which is bringing in beauty, spiritualness, love, healing and surrendering, does not deal in selfishness or doing anything evil to anybody. The white craft is meant to be for the good.

I get people that call me and tell me they are doing white craft and that they want to bring someone into their life. This is a selfish act if you are trying to force a relationship with someone that does not want to be involved with you. By doing this you are disrespecting a person's free will. Even God allows you free will.

Another thing that is so wrong is, you do not give yourself the credit when some spell "appears to have worked." It only happened because the universe allowed it to happen. If you work hard towards something and continue to be a good person, you may very well be granted what it is you want. If you continue to be a good person and work towards your goal you will be rewarded if that is in the universe's plan. But it is not because of some spell you casted and expect everything just to come to you. This has nothing to do with magic.

True Power itself only comes from God and Jesus Christ.


People who work with black magic are dealing with selfishness and jealousy. They throw out a spell to try to get something out of somebody or to destroy somebody. Sometimes people think they are doing white magic but it really becomes the dark craft after a while. What is unfortunate is that when someone originally uses the white craft and then turns to the dark craft, they don't even realize it because the darkness will sneak up on them in their home. People can become more destructive and dark. They try to throw bad karma onto others and snuff out other people who have good ways. They also see others who they think are "better" than them so they want to destroy those people.

Dealing with the dark craft, they use black candles and pray on demons and pray on the devil himself. A lot of it is done in a triangle or in the shape of a star facing downwards - which is the symbol of facing the devil. Then they throw out spells and walk around the star itself. They can work alone on this as well. What they do with the dark craft is they worship upon the demons and devil himself. They will use nails, hair, or a photograph of a person and place it in the middle of a star and then they chant what kind of evil they wish upon this person. Dark craft people usually sacrifice small animals (i.e. a goat) and they will put it in the middle of the star and that allows all the evilness to come in and then they try to place that where they want that to go directly.

If you really believe in God and the power of the universe, you must realize that you can send negative energy back to where it comes from. The white craft is definitely stronger. However, there are evil minds who are totally selfish and they worship the dark to try to overcome other people. Many people have asked me about spells and so forth. What they do wrong is pray to God over and over and over. They don't need to do this. If you do this you are showing God you do not trust in God to make things right. So just let the negativity go and cast your own prayer to the universe and then it will go back to the sender and hit home. It will hit those people ten times harder than you could ever imagine. Sometimes they lose their home, their loved ones, and anything that meant a lot to them will be taken from them or just destroyed. I do know and have full belief from what I have seen that this happens. You don't need to fill your mind with evil thoughts if someone has done wrong to you. You must keep your mind pure, take the high road, and think positive and let the universe and angels throw it back to the dark craft. You don't want to allow yourself to get sucked into that dark way of thinking and pretty soon you then become a negative person yourself.

PERSONAL EXPERIENCE DEALING WITH BLACK MAGIC: When I had a ceramic shop in Fresno, CA I was drawn to go to this one restaurant to eat every night. I looked at the owner of the restaurant one day and was drawn to reading him. So I read him and I went clairvoyant. The table raised up a bit. I looked at him and said "3 years ago you were read by a psychic and she told you to pay her money because you were going to lose everything. You didn't pay her anything and looked at her crazy and walked out. The psychic got mad because you didn't give her money. She brought much negativity into your life because of this." The man confirmed that his life did start going downhill after that. He and his wife were going to get a divorce and he was losing money, etc. That psychic was into black magic and she put bad karma on this man, in my opinion. After I told him this the man asked me how much did I want for my reading? I said, "I don't want a dime, I just want to help you." So I later went to his home and I could see clairvoyantly that this man had vines wrapped all around him. As I prayed to God, I could see all these vines unwrapping from his body. It was all released. In a year's time he ended up buying his restaurant and the parking lot and his whole life just completely turned around.

Another case I came across was dealing with two sisters. Their aunt was jealous of them. She was in the dark arts in Mexico. She put a spell on them to be sick all the time. It was like she was willing for them to die. She was so full of jealousy and hatred because these sisters were beautiful and kind. I basically helped that along to send the aunt's negativity back to the sender.


People just really need to be careful in what they are calling upon themselves. Never do aything out of greed or harm. It really can change your spirit and before you know it you could get sucked into the dark craft.

Copyright Kitty Parker 2014